Luxury In Each Design

Truly original surfaces created with an eclectic mix of traditional techniques and materials from around the world and across history


Not only products, but also diffusion of knowledge about natural stone, about its uniqueness and its surprising flexibility of use.

Truly original produts created with an eclectic mix of old techniques and materials from around the world.

F For more than 20 years, our family has been touching the lives of people and making their dreams come true. Mr. Nikhil Tiwari believes in engraving the one of a kind design with his passion and zeal. His vision has been like a wand, guiding us through. He brings all the architects and designers together, turning their quality into an asset for the firm. Various relations with brands have embarked our name in one of the most appreciated and preferred names of this field.

For us, our canvas is the nature, and to carve on it is not a cup of tea for everyone. We have an eye to see the beauty and quality of natural stone. As well as, an inner instinct to bring out the best of all. Every little work is done with great precision and not a single suggestion or work is overlooked at. We have no tolerance policy for flaws.

Our various designers not only work to give you what you desire but also plants life, giving endless happiness to our customers. We have been in this field not only because of our creativity but also cause we build relations lasting for years. For us satisfying our customers is the only need, and their satisfaction gives us the satisfaction of working.

Blending technology with beauty is an art, mastered by us. A perfect alliance to embellish the imagination, maneuvering the minds of customers. The merging of technology with art is done with great precision. Using environment-friendly techniques, we try to maintain natural quality of stone and enrich the revealed beauty. Giving a masterpiece and grasping the eyeballs of the beholders.Innovation is the base. Uniqueness is our motto. They both mingle give the best in all circumstances. Apart from designs, we also take care and provide the best and customize according to the needs of the customer.

We mostly evince our work on limestone, sandstone, and marbles and sometimes even on agglomerates and manufactured or synthetic stones. We also have done research as well as worked in other fields other than stone, like lighting technology and have successfully mastered in it as well.

We offer customised designs. Designs handcrafted by our most skilled and creative architects. All kind of decors for personages, with taste varying from aristocratic patterns to sober designs with a hint of classiness and touch of simplicity. For us, every customer is unique, with his/her own choices. We make sure their interests are precisely taken care off.